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Speakers Installation


Music plays an important role in the life of every building and this is why we make sure you get the best quality audio technology has to offer. Apart from working in the field of data cabling, we at Smart Data Services provide both visible and invisible speakers installation.

Invisible speakers


The idea behind invisible speakers is to bring the best of both worlds - audio and visual. We provide cutting-edge technology that keeps the aesthetics of your home without compromising on the audio quality. The invisible speakers we work with allow us to take advantage of their Vibrational Panel Technology (VPT). Virtually, we install their speakers in your ceilings or walls (or both) and as a result, you can hear the sound but without seeing where it comes from.


Our loudspeakers can be installed in drywalls, ceilings, and practically everything from wood and wet plaster skim to leather. Undoubtedly, invisible speakers deliver unmatched design and installation flexibility. We can hide even their subwoofers. Apart from installing them in walls and ceilings, we have discovered that they perfectly fit in cabinetry as well.  


These days, every smart home deserves top quality sound systems. Embrace the future and leave traditional loudspeakers in the past.


Visible speakers


To all of you old-school lovers out there, we have not forgotten you. And how would we? Everybody loves a pair of loudspeakers blasting their favourite tunes. We can help you choose the right speakers and subwoofers according to the size and acoustics of your home.


Furthermore, you can rest assured that some visible speakers are pure art. They will blend naturally with your interior. Besides others are just meant to be seen and you won’t ever want to keep them hidden.

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