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Fiber Optic Solutions

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Single-Mode Fiber Optic


Single-mode fiber optics is the ultimate winner if we are talking speed. The type of cabling is the perfect solution for future-proofing data networks. It easily satisfies the need of emerging applications for speed exceeding 10Gbps.


Undoubtedly, the most popular single-mode fiber optic cable is the OS1. It is mainly used to support long distance 10-Gigabit Ethernet.


OS2 fiber cable offers enhanced performance as it allows 10GbE data transmission over distances exceeding 2000m.

Multi-Mode Fiber Optic


We offer a wide range of fiber optic cabling, providing you probably the best service around. We love it when we help our clients take their business to the next level. Our passion for delivering fiber optic solutions of the highest quality goes beyond installation as we also run tests and terminations among others. Fiber optic cables make electrical interference practically non-existent as communication and data are carried through light pulses inside the insulated glass strands.


Om1 cables


Today’s standards are bound to make Om1 out-of-date mainly because Om1 supports cables with a maximum length of 275 m. Apart from that, Om1 is your ordinary 62.5/125 multi-mode cable found in both buffered alternatives and loose tube state.


Om2 cables


This standard builds upon the Om1 as it covers up to 550 meters. Clients who utilize small fiber networks most commonly go for Om2. This 50/125 traditional cable is fairly the same as Om1 as the main difference comes not from the cable thickness itself but from the cable size inside the casing.


Om3 cables


The Om3 standard takes things one step further. The customer demand for more bandwidth and more speed respectively, make Om3 the perfect solution for modern-day multimedia requirements. Om3 cables are capable of transmitting data at a staggering rate of 10 Gigabits per second. Similarly to 6a, this standard utilizes multi-mode fiber optics to transfer information over 300m. We can safely say that Om3 is the natural and rightful heir of Om2.


Om4 cables


We proudly present you the future of fiber optics. If you think that Om3 offers unmatched performance, think again. Om4 is soon to dethrone present-day cables as it has several advantages. It transmits 10g speed signals over 550m with ease. Moreover, it can further push its limits to the tremendous speed of 100g signals over 125 meters. In short, if you want to get ready for the future communications requirements, Om4 is the thing.

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